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A professional team with the history and expertise in building cutting-edge solutions.

General Senses is an augmented and virtual reality innovation house specializing in 360 photography, augmented and virtual reality. Our team is proud to partner with the world’s most innovative brands, agencies and individuals, helping to create the future of immersive experiences.

Photo & Video

Capture & Display 360 Imagery Across an Array of Devices from Desktops to Virtual Reality Headsets.

Branded Experiences

Disrupt Traditional Markets with Ground-Breaking Technologies. Effective Marketing with Quick ROI’s.

Virtual Reality Environment

Simulate Environments

Create and Display Interactive High-Resolution Artificial Environments from Renderings

Exhilarate Your Audience

Create immersive realities and enhance business metrics and sales strategies with cutting-edge solutions.

WalkThrough Virtual Reality

Virtual Tours

Create interactive walkthroughs of spaces and places for audiences in photo, video, or digital 3D.

Impress The Market

Showcase your unique brand experience with interactive?virtual reality walkthroughs.

Augmented Reality Services

AR as a Service

Create custom and creative content to impress your target audiences.

Bring Print Media to Life

Engage more with your audience by activating your print media and ads for augmented reality applications.

AR Content and Asset Management Cloud

Asset Management Cloud

Upload and manage AR markers and desired creative outputs.

Track Your Reach

Track views, clicks, and share to leverage more from printed media.

Arkytype - An Augmented Reality Viewer and API


An augmented reality viewer for consumers & an API for your businesses apps.

Augment Your Business

Let your users use your app to view and interact with your augmented reality content & media.

360 Degree Camera Captures

360 Events

Event Recordings in 360 Videography

Immersive Memories

Capture special moments and events in fully immersive 360?.

360 Degree Photography

Locations in 360

Showcase your Locations in 360

Show your Edge

Bring your audiences into your brand experience and highlight your competitive edge.

360 Degree Viewer Headset

360 Live Viewer

Display or Live Stream your 360 captures across all devices

Grow Your Audeince

Take your events to the next level by displaying or live streaming?your feeds in?360? on multiple social platforms, from Facebook to Youtube.

Some of our partners

Neuroscience and marketing research have established that customer engagement and emotional response is 27% higher in Virtual and Augmented Reality, making the mediums a perfect fit for Branding, Marketing and PR.

Kickstart your next viral campaign with market-leading technologies.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is the Future of:

Revitalizing and bringing new possibilities to an old industry, Augmented Reality bridges physical and digital content, delivering to the user the best of both worlds, from interactivity to analytics and beyond.

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